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Whole Foie gras 100g


Whole Foie gras extra from Landes, salt and white pepper.

No additives or preservatives. Suitable for coeliacs.

  • Portion of 100g.
  • Serves: 2-3.
  • Storage: Does not require refrigeration, keeps for up to 4 years.
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In stock

Having a preserved Foie Gras El Greco in your pantry is like having a good bottle of champagne, always ready for big occasions or impromptu gatherings.


  • The whole foie gras 100g does not need to be chilled and can be kept in the pantry for up to 4 years.
  • It is very easy to serve, open the jar and with the help of a fine knife separate the foie gras from the glass. Pour it on a plate and it will fall on its own (you can also share it in the middle of the table with the help of a spoon). Divide this whole foie gras 100g in 4 and add a few flakes of sea salt, unlike the foie gras a la sal, this foie gras is enhanced with a little salt.
  • We do not recommend combining it with any jam, reduction, gélé, etc. It is foie gras at its best and only requires good bread and good company.
  • The perfect pairing for this whole foie gras 100g is a white wine, preferably an aged white wine or a good cava/champagne.

This foie gras is made from raw material acquired in the Landes and distinguished with the Label Rouge and IGP Landes.

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