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Bellota Iberian Ham Shoulder D.O. Extremadura


  • Bellota Iberian Ham Shoulder D.O. Extremadura.
  • Whole piece, 5Kg approximately.
  • Directly from the farm.
  • Iberian, pure acorn-fed.
  • Guaranteed.

In stock

We do not cure hams but we do choose the best to offer you. We are not interested in the brand, but in the quality of the product.

Products with GRECO SEAL – Guaranteed Quality.


Bellota Iberian Ham Shoulder D.O. Extremadura. The Iberian Pig is native to the southwest of the Peninsula Iberia. It is characterized by its excellent adaptation to the Dehesa and by its capacity to infiltrate fat into the lean meat and to take advantage of grasses, roots and acorns like no other animal. There are four factors that influence its quality:

  • The breed: Our pigs are pure Iberian breed that we carefully select.
  • Gymnastics: They travel kilometers daily, producing the infiltration of fat in a muscle different from other breeds.
  • Feeding: They are free-range fed on wild fruits, grass, roots and acorns.

Black or red-skinned pigs, with little or no hair, with thin limbs and black hooves, elongated snout adapted to their diet in the pasture, and droopy ears that almost cover their eyes. The variety of shapes or characteristics is what divides this breed into different breeds, such as: Iberian Retinto, Iberian Lampiño, etc.

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