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The most renowned chefs of haute cuisine cook with El Greco.

Having your trust motivates us to do better every day.

Valoraciones productos el Greco

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“Foie gras el Greco is a great product…. And the people behind this project make it even greater. Close, rigorous, committed and always predisposed to do their best for their customers.”

Mateu Casañas, Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch
Chefs of Disfrutar Restaurant

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Tatin multi-spherical corn and foie gras

“The world of Foie gras is a very complex world…. We find in this product a quality that never falls below our standards: color, flavor, firmness, unctuousness, elegance…. All synonymous with a very good diet and an excellent treatment of the product, the fruit of a family that is dedicated body and soul to a delicacy that has revolutionized cuisine and haute cuisine”.

Paolo Casagrande
Chef of Lasarte BCN Restaurant

Valoraciones Lasarte

Layered Foie Gras, Smoked Eel, and Green Apple

“In the world of Foie gras, Chefs appreciate having guaranteed regularity in the quality of the product”.

Carles Gaig
Chef/Owner of Gaig Restaurant

Valoraciones Gaig

Duck foie gras mi-cuit

“Foie gras el Greco are a delight, a top product, my favorite is the Foie gras with salt and pepper that is exquisite, balanced and subtle in the mouth. Foie from another league. Evidently they buy a Foie de las Landes of the best quality and they treat it wonderfully.”

Guillermo Rodriguez
Accés Restaurant Chef

Valoraciones Accés

Salt and pepper foie gras with fig jam, pistachio nuts and PX reduction

“Greco Foie gras, synonymous with excellence and commitment!!!”.

Domenico Ungaro
Chef of Mont Bar Restaurant

Valoraciones Mont Bar

Foie gras, pine nuts and aniseed cake.

“Excellent fresh foie gras. You can tell that the ducks are fed and raised outdoors. Very good flavor and texture. It arrives at the restaurant very fresh and well presented. The terrines of mi-cuit are also excellent with good combinations of flavors and good texture. excellent quality-price ratio!!!”.

Quim Reig
Chef of Mirabé Restaurant

Valoraciones Mirabé

Montadito of foie poêlé with apple compote and port sauce

“It’s a 10 product, a top foie, a great house with a great product.”

Marc Cuenca
Owner of the Restaurant Els Tres Porquets

Valoraciones Tres Porquets

Foie gras with duck egg and morel mushrooms

“Very good, highly recommended”.

José Luís Díaz
Chef/Owner of the Sense Pressa Restaurant

Valoraciones Sense Pressa

Foie gras cured in salt

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