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Raw Foie gras

The foie gras of the great chefs

Raw foie gras has the best possible guarantee seal: Maison Lafitte.

Ideal for any cooking or directly in the pan. It is unctuous, very clean on the palate and reduces very little while maintaining a firm texture.

Lafitte foies gras are the result of traditional production: the ducks are raised in the Landes in the open air for a minimum of 102 days and are fattened in parks with non-GMO whole grain corn.

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All our products are made without any type of additive or preservative.

Prepared in small batches by hand in order to preserve all its taste values.

Corte Foie Crudo


Raw Extra Foie gras
not deveined


Extra fresh Foie gras from Les Landes not deveined. Specially selected for cooking on the grill or pan.

500 g Aprox.
Best before: 9/10 días on vaccum or 4/5 days on paper.


Scallop and cook in a pan over medium heat. Brown on all sides and finish in a grill or in the oven for 30” at 150º.


Raw extra Foie gras


Extra fresh Foie gras from Les Landes deveined. Specially selected to cook.

500 g Aprox.
Best before: 9/10 días on vaccum or 4/5 days on paper.


Season with salt and pepper, macerate if desired and add the chosen ingredients. Wrap in several layers of plastic wrap or vacuum and cook it submerged in water between 60º and 70º for 40 minutes.

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Foie Gras a la Sal El Greco

Foie gras cured in salt

The leading restaurant recipe

Own and exclusive creation of 100% Foie gras: clean in the mouth, unctuous and very delicate on the palate.

No additives or preservatives.

El greco Foie Gras

Foie gras mi-cuit

Creations present in the best stores

Creative gastronomic combinations with a
unbeatable raw material.

No additives or preservatives.

El Greco

Plates ready to eat

Tasty recipes with a French tradition

Authentic traditional ready-to-eat recipes. Made from meats of French origin.

No additives or preservatives.


Duck Meat

Recognized quality.

Award-winning selection of different meats with the IGP Les Landes and Label Rouge quality seal.

No additives or preservatives.

Foie Gras en conserva

Foie gras preserves

The best preserved tradition

Authentic and artisan process of preserves from the best Foie gras Extras. Long expiration.

No additives or preservatives.


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Greco Foie Gras