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The path to excellence

The experience that was forged in the Restaurant El Greco in Sitges was the trigger for our birth.

During the tireless work of two decades, it achieved a recognized prestige among numerous clients, guides and gastronomic publications

The restaurant specialized in artisanal foie gras thanks to the fruitful relationship between its director Santi Grimau and the French master chef Claude Marco, a Michelin star chef.


The enterprising mind of Elena Herce, head of the commercial department, opened the way to offer the closest customers the possibility of acquiring that 100% Foie gras created for demanding palates.

The evolution, commitment, enthusiasm and unconditional support of our customers gave way to Greco.


Currently, we are artisanal producers of Foie gras and distributors of duck products under the prestigious and renowned Maison Lafitte.

Our best reward is to have the complicity of the best chefs, the country’s leading restaurants and the most exclusive gourmet stores.


Our goal is to keep
improving every day

Our goal is to continue improving every day under the same principles of our foundation: effort, honesty and responsibility.

El Greco Foie Gras

All our foie gras products are made exclusively with foie gras,
100% without additives or preservatives.

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Foie Gras a la Sal El Greco

Foie gras cured in salt

The leading restaurant recipe

Own and exclusive creation of 100% Foie gras: clean in the mouth, unctuous and very delicate on the palate.

No additives or preservatives.

El greco Foie Gras

Mi-cuit Foie gras

Creations present in the best stores.

Creative gastronomic combinations with an unbeatable raw material with a long expiration date.

No additives or preservatives.

El Greco

Plates ready to eat

Tasty recipes with a French tradition

Authentic traditional ready-to-eat recipes. Made from meats of French origin.

No additives or preservatives.

El Greco Lote Foies

Foie gras preserves

The best preserved tradition

Authentic and artisan process of preserves from the best Foie gras Extras. Long expiration.

No additives or preservatives.


Duck Meat

Recognized quality.

Award-winning selection of different meats with the IGP Las Landas and Label Rouge quality seal.

No additives or preservatives.

Foie Crudo

Raw Foie gras

The great guarantee for great chefs

Raw foie gras has the best possible guarantee seal: Maison Lafitte. Extra quality for any cooking.

No additives or preservatives.

Thank you very much to all of you

for converting the Greco seal


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Greco Foie Gras