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Coffre Greco


Coffre Greco

The Coffre Greco is ideal for sharing a tasting with friends. Presented in a very elegant box – Products valued at 103,00€.

Products without additives or preservatives.

Best before: 3 years


* The items shown in the photo may not correspond to those in the batch.

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In stock

Coffre Greco


  • Whole duck foie gras 100 g.
  • Block of duck foie gras 100 g.
  • Pâté Landais 130g – 50% foie gras.
  • Pedro Ximénez reduction 28 ml.
  • Salt with pink pepper 12 g,
  • Duck rillettes 180 g
  • Duck stew 400 g
  • Jurançon (37,5cl bottle)

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Greco Foie Gras