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Marinated smoked Salmon cubes 100g


  • Norwegian D.O. smoked salmon pieces 100g.
  • Without additives or preservatives.
  • Conservation: between 1º and 3º
  • Best before: for 25 days.
  • Ingredients: Salmon (Salmo salar), extra virgin olive oil, pine nuts, green cardamom, salt, sugar, black pepper, natural smoke.
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In stock

We do not elaborate the smoked salmon but we choose the best to offer it to you. We are not interested in the brand, but in the quality of the product.

Products with GRECO SEAL – Guaranteed Quality.


Marinated smoked Salmon cubes 100g with D.O. from Norway.


Smoked salmon with a few drops of oil, pine nuts, pine leaf, pepper and cardamom. In addition, the pieces are smoked by burning pine cones to ensure a formidable texture and a mild smoked flavor.


The entire production process is carried out in an artisanal manner. In the cutting phase, the bones are removed one by one and then the salmon cubes are cut by hand. It is a different way of eating salmon and the most recommended by us.

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