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Foie gras, Extra, fresh, not deveined


Extra fresh foie gras from Les Landes without deveining.

Suitable for celiacs.

  • Portion of 500g approx.
  • Format: Vacuum packed. If you prefer it served in paper, please let us know when ordering.
  • Conservation: 9/10 days vacuum packed or 4/5 days in paper.
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In stock

The Foie gras of the great Chefs

Greco Foie gras supplies the best Chefs in Barcelona and gives prominence to star dishes from Lasarte, Disfrutar, Cocina Torres and many more.

How to cook fresh foie gras?

Slice the fresh foie and cook it in a frying pan over medium heat. Brown on both sides and finish in the oven for 30 seconds at 150º. The most common way to cook fresh foie is to grill it, although it is also a good option in a frying pan or grilled. For this cooking method, we recommend using fresh foie gras without deveining as it will melt less when cooked. Deveined foie gras is best used to make a mi-cuit, a torchon, a salted foie gras.

In the following post you will find a great recipe for sirloin steak with foie gras.

Can fresh foie gras be frozen?

Fresh foie gras can be frozen perfectly well thanks to the fact that it is a fatty product with practically no liquids. It is very important to defrost it in the fridge.

Where to buy fresh foie gras?

You can buy deveined fresh foie gras in our online shop or order it to pick it up in our workshop located in Sant Pere de Ribes.


Label Rouge is awarded to foie gras producers who feed their ducks with non-GMO cereals, without any antibiotic treatment and fattening them in park with whole grain corn from the same territory.

Quality certificates:

Les Landes PGI certifies that the geographical origin of the ducks is Les Landes.

The ducks are reared in a traditional, slow-growing manner (minimum 102 days, 20/25 days longer than normal). These ducks are identified by their black and white colouring, a hallmark of quality.

In keeping with tradition and in the context of environmentally-conscious local agriculture, the ducks are reared in total freedom in the open air in an environment rich in aromatic plants.

This type of traditional production represents only 5% of all French foie gras production.

The selection and sourcing is carried out by us personally in order to ensure perfect traceability.

At Greco Foie gras, we use this unbeatable raw material to produce our foie gras in a completely artisan way, without additives or preservatives, preserving all its properties.

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