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Bellota 75% Iberian ham in sachets of 80g


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  • D.O. Extremadura.
  • Professional knife cut 80g
  • Directly from the farm.
  • 75% Iberian, Guaranteed.


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In stock

We do not cure hams but we do choose the best to offer you. We are not interested in the brand, but in the quality of the product.

GRECO SEAL – Guaranteed quality.

This Bellota 75% Iberian ham D.O. Extremadura in sachets of 80g brings an intense and long aroma and flavor to the palate with meaty notes. Excellent cut, red meat with soft and fluid fat with a shiny appearance.

The origin makes the difference.

Food: feed, cereals, acorns, herbs.

Breed, breeding, climate, wisdom and artisan curing give rise to unique and exclusive hams and shoulders.

The Iberian pigs are raised in a pasture populated by numerous oaks and cork oaks on whose fruits they feed.

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