Carpier Salmon

Carpier smoked salmon are made with a mixture of salt and sugar proportional to the weight of each fish. The salmon is cold smoked using natural smoke from the combustion of Mediterranean pine cones.

Thanks to Carpier’s production process, the products are gently flavoured in a way that does not detract from their personality, flavour, colour, juiciness and firmness.

Varieties of Carpier smoked products

At Greco Foie gras we have the following varieties of smoked products:

Natural salmon
Pre-cut natural smoked salmon
Smoked Salmon Tacos
Carpier Salmon Tartar
Salmon with nori seaweed
Smoked salmon with gin and tonic
Buy smoked salmon

You can buy all the varieties of smoked salmon online or buy them in person at our artisan workshop in Sant Pere de Ribes.

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